Erin Kay Anderson
2 min readJul 22, 2019

The Start of our 2019 : Beyond Creative Summer

We are 2 weeks into our Summer programs with lots of cool things still to come.

Our program directors Matt & Letia, have created summer modules for the youth that increase access and education to: technical skill, marketing, wellness, business strategy, design, & culture engagement.

Day One: we started with introductions and the youth created their mission for the summer.

“Creating artworks to support our community”

Making the commitment to:

  • Produce & Collab with other community organizations & people
  • Research particular topics & events
  • Discuss the topics of: mental health, social media, homelessness, immigration, women, and criminal injustice.
  • Demonstrate capability of working with others within various environments & conditions.

The youth have already spent time with the cameras working on stills & recording an Alleyway Cypher that will be released later this summer.

Guest Speakers Thus Far:

#DarrellJones: a community member who was wrongfully convicted and served 32 years in prison.

MassVote: the youth sat down to talk with the organization about creating a video that will feature the importance of the discussion around the 2020 census

Brandon Matthews of Showoff Marketing : a community member who spoke on this method of entrepreneurship, creating teams & being a leader in the marketing & outreach industry for artists & major brands.

Erin Anderson of Eadem Arbor & the initiatives — PEACE + Black & Blonde have lead the group through some yoga + breathe & energy work to kick off the start of each week.

As we head into week 3, the youth will be practicing editing & will begin formulating their storyboards & plans for their final summer projects.

Be sure to join us TCP for Dudley After Dark on Wednesday, August 14th | 7pm-10pm| Haley House Bakery Cafe | where we will be showcasing the youths final projects before screening “Spiderman — into the Spider Verse.

Find out more info here!

And tell your friends & funders about this program because kids & those leading them are worth the investment.



Erin Kay Anderson

Woman + Human + Yogi (200 YTT) MA intercultural youth & family development BA Sociology & History Novice in this study of “life”