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We are all Infinite, Beautiful & Great

Erin Kay Anderson
3 min readApr 3, 2021


Got called “that” the other day so felt like it was time to write “this”

Since I was a kid, I’ve been mistaken for a boy/guy/man at certain times in my life. Whether it was attached to my look or how I’ve carried myself. I guess having the name Erin which can also be A(a)ron — masculine depending on how folks pronounce vowels, e & a can sound the same.

I’ve been called “bro” by girlfriends and guy friends. I’ve been called “bitch” in the positive way by both men and women.

I’m all about people claiming our own pronouns — labels. In our current time space, the pronoun movement has provided comfort & some understanding and has lead us to more spaces of safety and freedom. I feel like it is a step towards where we are headed, which is out of linear and dualistic thought.

Duality and linear thinking puts us at odds with ourselves and with the world around us.

We taut our individuality, yet we still feel we have to justify who we are in effort to find some space to fit in. This is a result of society creating boxes that personally doesn’t rest well with spirit. We are not born from a space of dual-ity, even the root of the word puts us at odds with one another. We are born from a space of infinity.

Currently, we feel like we need to explain “what” WE are for multiple reasons — safety, feeling invisible, and to create a space of belonging in a world that continually works to create an “other.”

I guess having been mistaken for a boy, being addressed as a “guy, girl, it, that.” I’ve just had to know that regardless of how I’ve looked, felt or what box I’ve needed to fit into, I’m MEI.

MEI literally means beautiful & great. We are all MEI and we are because we are a reflection of all of the people — women, men, and cultures that WE have experienced in OUR lives.

If we as a culture were more accepting of individuals and WHO we are as individuals and a collective— the bone structure and skin we are in, what/who we like, how we move on any give day, even the sex we have chosen/choose, we would be much more cohesive as a people. If we truly believe that we…



Erin Kay Anderson

Woman + Human + Yogi (200 YTT) MA intercultural youth & family development BA Sociology & History Novice in this study of “life”